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Liposuction, along with breast augmentation, is the most popular procedure in Plastic Surgery. Many patients interested in liposuction come to our practice every day. In the past, women were overwhelmingly the majority of our clients.. In recent years, more and more men are opting for a liposuction procedure.
Liposuction is not a slimming method. It is aimed at those patients who have reached their target body weight and despite having tried exercising, they have areas on their body with persistent fat storage.
The procedure is simple, quick, with rapid recovery and in most cases it can be performed under local anesthesia in the purpose-built space of the clinic. Fat is suctioned with the help of a suction device through small holes that are usually created in places that are not directly visible when wearing undergarments or a swimsuit.
Injection Techniques

  1. Dry technique (Dry liposuction)

It is the oldest liposuction technique and has been almost abandoned. During this method, a suction cannula is inserted through a hole and the fat of the designed body part is directly suctioned. It is a very invasive method.

  1. Wet technique (Wet liposuction)

It is the technique in which a small amount of saline and anesthetic fluids are introduced into the designated area before the suction is started. Usually the amount of fat suctioned is at least twice the amount injected.

  1. Very wet technique (Superwet liposuction)

It is a widely used technique. The approximate amount we intend to liposuction is calculated empirically. Before starting the suction, the corresponding amount of saline and anaesthetic fluids are introduced into the area. The infusion aspiration ratio is 1:1.

  1. Tumescent technique (Tumescent liposuction)

It is the most preferable technique for liposuction nowadays. Also with this technique liposuction can be performed painlessly,  safely and with absolutely minimal blood loss with local anesthesia in the surgery. A double and/or triple amount of saline and anaesthetic fluids is injected into the area of liposuction of twice and/or three times the amount of fat estimated to be suctioned. The ratio of infusion aspiration shall be 2-3:1.
Assisted Liposuction

  1. Classic liposuction

It is the primary method used in the past. The area to be liposuctioned was injected with saline and anaesthetic fluids and then immediate liposuction was performed. It has almost been abandoned.

  1. Laser-assisted liposuction (Smartlipo)

It is a widespread technique of assisted liposuction. Immediately after the injection, an optical fiber connected to the laser is inserted into the area. A laser of ND:YAG wavelength is produced, which results in heat being generated and the fat cells are more easily destroyed. Due to the action of the laser, if used more superficially, a slight tightening of the overlying skin also occurs.

  1. Vibrating liposuction (Vibrolipo)

It is also a well-known technique. It can be used either alone or combined with some other assisted liposuction. Immediately after the injection, a probe is inserted into the area and a continuous vibrating motion is transmitted to the cannula of the probe through a special machine. The result of this is easier breakdown of fat cells and better sculpting of the area. It is a reliable technique with excellent results.

  1. Ultrasound-assisted liposuction (Vaserlipo)

It is the most modern and most widely used technique of assisted liposuction. Immediately after the injection, a special ultrasound probe is inserted through which high heat is generated, resulting in the massive breakdown of fat cells.. It is an excellent technique with impressive results. It causes the best sculpting in subcutaneous fat and is the most preferable method when performing liposculpture. Its only disadvantages are that it is a painful technique, so the patient will need some kind of anesthesia (mild sedation or general anesthesia) and that the fat breakdown is so great that the fat suctioned cannot be used for other fat transfer procedures.
The features that make liposuction such a common procedure are that it is a simple procedure with rapid recovery and long lasting results. In particular, if there is no weight fluctuation of more than 10 kg, the results of liposuction are warranted for life.

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