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Alexandrite Laser for Women

The Candela Alexandrite medical laser hair removal is the only hair removal that ensures a safe and permanent result for every type of hair in every area of the body within a few sessions.


With the advanced Candela Alexandrite Laser we succeed in eliminating the regenerative hair cells from the very first session. This laser emits light at a wavelength of 755 nm, which effectively acts on the hair follicle without affecting the rest of the healthy skin. In this way laser hair removal on bikini, arms or legs, underarms and any part of the body achieves soft and velvety skin without pain.
Many times patients with intense body hair wonder what the causes of overgrowth are and what the solution is. The causes that can cause hyperpigmentation are mainly genetic factors, which are caused by high levels of hormones commonly known as androgens. Another cause is polycystic ovary syndrome, Hashimoto’s thyroid form and an unregulated thyroid or heredity.


The elimination of unwanted hair is effectively done with the latest technology Laser Candela Alexandrite machines that are applied with absolute safety and in sensitive areas, while in the case of overgrowth, a combined regulation of hormonal problems is needed. The combined sessions based on laser binding are 6 to 8 in non-hormone dependent areas and 8 to 10 in hormone dependent areas for women.

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