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Autologous Hair Mesotherapy

Autologous hair mesotherapy describes the procedure of treating the middle layer of the skin on the scalp with material derived from the patient’s own blood. The goal of the treatment is to strengthen the hair follicle itself. It is the most effective conservative and non-invasive method of treating hair loss.


A syringe of blood is taken from the patient, as a simple blood sample. The blood is transferred into special bottles containing anticoagulants. The blood is then centrifuged twice for 10 minutes so that the blood is separated into its components, i.e. red blood cells, white blood cells and plasma. Platelet-rich plasma is obtained and placed in fine needle syringes ( 30G or 32G) containing calcium gluconate. Calcium gluconate activates platelet growth factors. The material is injected throughout the scalp , focusing on the areas of the scalp that show the greatest hair loss.
1. 4-6 sessions every 20-30 days

2. Repeat in one year

3. Co-administration with minoxidil either in the form of an injection or spray


The results of autologous hair mesotherapy are impressive. It is the most popular and effective method of treating hair loss. Its impact on the hair is profound, making thin and weak hair shiny and healthy again.

An autologous hair mesotherapy protocol can be applied either before a hair transplant for strengthening the hair and the donor area , or afterwards for faster results of the transplant and preservation of the existing hair. In our clinic we carry out autologous hair mesotherapy also on the day of the treatment.

After a hair transplant it is very important to maintain and preserve the healthy hair that already existed prior to the procedure. This can only be achieved with the use of minoxidil and autologous hair mesotherapy.

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