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Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular aesthetic procedures in Plastic Surgery. It involves increasing the volume of the breast, usually using silicone inserts. Nowadays, more and more women are turning to Plastic Surgeons to contour the volume and shape of their breasts. Breast augmentation is a procedure that corrects the size, shape and protrusion of the breasts making them more attractive and improving a woman’s appearance and self-confidence.


Breast augmentation is mainly performed with the placement of silicone implants. Depending on where the insert is placed, the corresponding surgical technique is performed. The most widespread technique in Greece and abroad is the dual plane technique, in which the silicone insert is placed under the pectoralis major muscle and under the breast in 2 layers. The access for the creation of the space to place the insert is through a submast incision. The periprosthetic incision is used only in cases where a breast lift is required at the same time.


– Breast hypoplasia

– Breast aplasia

– Duration : 45-60 minutes

– Anaesthesia: general anaesthesia

– Hospitalization: 4-5 hours after the surgery.

– Recovery: immediate


Silicone Inserts

There are several companies producing silicone inserts. In our clinic we only use silicone implants that are FDA registered and have a lifetime warranty. After proper measurements and based on the patient’s preferences, we select the appropriate insert size, shape and density.

Postoperative instructions

The patient should wear a sports bra without underwire for one month. Also avoid exercise, weight lifting and strenuous physical activity for one month. Antibiotic and analgesic treatment is given for one week after the surgery.


Complications of breast augmentation are extremely rare. Haematoma formation, inflammation and the formation of a ricinus capsule around the insertion are reported in the bibliography.


The scars are hidden in the submastoid fold and are almost completely unremarkable immediately after the surgery.


Breast augmentation does not affect breastfeeding at all after a subsequent pregnancy.


Mammography is not affected at all by the presence of silicone implants. On the contrary, women with very small breasts before surgery have better breast imaging after breast augmentation. In rare cases of a low-resolution mammography, breast MRI is preferred.

Before and after



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