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Breast Reduction

Breast reduction is the surgical procedure for the restoration of macromastia. Patients with large breasts , apart from the aesthetic problem they face , also experience functional problems such as neck and spine pain , tendency to hunch over , difficulty in breathing and sleeping. Also in many cases of macromastia there is great difficulty for women in dressing as there are problems in finding the right clothes.

Breasts with macromastia ( or gigantomastia or teratomastia ) besides being large are also sagging and this sagging depends mainly on the size . The larger the breast the more descending it is. With breast reduction, all the above problems are addressed by creating a more shapely and uplifted bust.


There are many surgical techniques for breast reduction. The plastic surgeon will decide the appropriate procedure depending on the patient’s breast. The technique used by the majority of women abroad (superomedial pedicle) gives us longer lasting results and creates an excellent upper pole in the breast , resulting in the desired shape of the breast. The view of the breast is at nipple level , so in addition to reduction it offers us a perfect lift.

The incisions are around the nipple , perpendicular to the breast and in the underbelly.

Duration : Approximately 3 hours , general anesthesia, Hospital.

Hospitalization : Overnight stay in hospital

Postoperative course :

Patient carries drains for 3 – 5 days after surgery.

Placement of a special bra for 1 month.

Only absorbable sutures are used – no removal of sutures.

Administration of prophylactic antibiotic treatment and painkillers.

Avoidance of weight lifting and any kind of exercise for 1 month.

Sleeping in an inappropriate position (supine) for 1 month.


The result is impressive immediately after surgery. As the days go by, the shape of the breast will change and the final result is expected at approximately 6 months after surgery. It is long lasting .The woman’s daily life regarding her breasts will change radically within the first few days after the surgery.

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