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Facial Threads

Threads are specially designed surgical sutures used in medical aesthetics to create collagen and for intense regeneration of the face and body.


  1. PDO threads. They are used in large numbers to create a mesh in the dermis of the skin resulting in intense collagen formation and intense regeneration.


  1. COG threads: the most widely used threads. They are also called suspension threads. They are placed in pairs or triads and make direct skin elevation. They are used to perform a non-surgical lift.


  1. APTOS threads: They are the most technologically advanced threads available. They are inserted using some special techniques and require the doctor’s certification in order to be performed. The lifting effect they provide is immediate and completely natural.






1. PDO threads. It appears gradually over the first week of application and is completed about a month later, when collagen formation is complete.

2. COG threads: the result is immediately visible. However, in the following days after the application there is again an improvement, so the final result is expected at about 15 days after the application.

3. APTOS threads: the result is immediately visible and impressive. It is essentially a non-surgical lift that addresses either the face, neck or body, while giving a natural touch without changing the facial features.

The duration of the results depends on many factors such as age, skin tone, smoking, sun exposure and many others. The average duration of the result is about 1 year for PDO threads, 1.5 years for COG threads and about 2 years for APTOS threads.
Side effects

1. Parodic asymmetry

2. Swelling after application

3. Bruising

4. Inflammation

Special Categories

1. Fox Eyes: Widely used treatment especially in younger age groups. It can be done with either COG or APTOS threads. It is performed through an entry point near the scalp generating an eyebrow angle lift. Immediate stunning results are evident from a procedure that takes no more than 20 minutes.

2. Nose tip lift: Done with COG threads and the result is immediate and impressive. Due to the increased vascularity of the nose there is an increased chance of bruising or swelling.

Before and after



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