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Abdominoplasty is defined as the restoration of the relaxation of the skin around the abdomen (sagging abdomen). The excess skin of the abdomen is removed, resulting in a much more balanced appearance of the abdomen


The access for the abdominoplasty is made with a smiley face incision in the lower abdomen around the same height as the cesarean section. If there is already a cesarean incision, it is made 1-2 mm below it. The aim is for the incision and the scar to be hidden by the patient’s underwear or swimsuit.

Combined procedures:

– Liposuction: It can be performed on the lateral abdominal areas to contour the lower torso as well as on the abdomen (stomach) for more impressive results.

– Abdominal wall contouring: When performing abdominoplasty, a special stapling of the posterior abdominals can be done closing any gap in the abdominal wall (which may be present especially after pregnancies) creating an impressive midline and abdominal wall (6 pack).

– Abdominal wall hernia repair: it can be done at the same time as abdominoplasty. Either an umbilical hernia or some other midline or collateral line hernia.

– Mummy Makeover: This is the simultaneous restoration of abdominal and breast laxity after pregnancies and breastfeeding. This is when a tummy tuck is performed at the same surgical time as breast surgery (either mastopexy, breast augmentation or breast reduction).

The duration of the abdominoplasty alone is approximately 2 hours and this can be altered if one of the combined procedures is also performed. General anaesthesia is used and hospitalization for 1 day is required


– Avoid weight lifting and physical exercise for 1 month.

– Wear a special corset or belt for 1 month.

– Prophylactic antibiotic treatment and analgesia for 1 week.

– In case of combining any of the above procedures, administration of anticoagulants is required for 5 days.

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