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It is a surgical procedure in which the large space between the nose and the upper lip is corrected, resulting in the lifting of the upper lip.


The process is simple and relatively quick. Pre-operative planning is done based on the face, the distance between the nose and the upper lip and always in consultation with the patient. The incision and access are made from the nasal and nostril base with a butterfly incision. A thin strip of skin and the underlying sphincter muscle of the mouth are then removed according to the pre-operative plan. Finally, the wound is sutured.

– Local anaesthesia, in the surgery

– Duration approximately 1 hour

– Suture removal 1 week after the operation

– Preventive administration of antibiotics and painkillers for a few days

– Placement of compresses with chamomile and ice immediately after operation


The results are immediate, impressive and permanent. In the first few days after the surgery there is normal postoperative swelling and bruising. The recovery of this is relatively quick and about 1 month later we see the final result. The final result is permanent. The distance between the nose and upper lip has been reduced , the upper lip shows lifting and turning outwards so that it also looks a little larger in volume, without interfering with the lip volume.

Before and after



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