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Lipotransfer is the operation in which the fat harvested after a liposuction is specially processed and transferred at the same surgical time to another part of the face or body.


1. Breasts: In case there are fat stores available in a patient, then we can pump a sufficient amount of fat to be able to do a breast augmentation without a silicone insert, but with lipotransfer.

2. Glutes: The most widespread lipotransfer operation. It is also known as BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift). In this specific operation, the fat extracted from liposuction is placed after special processing at the time of the operation in specific places on the buttocks, resulting in the simultaneous increase in the size of the buttocks and their lifting. In Greece in previous years it was known as liposculpture. In this way we can achieve a huge improvement in the image of the lower torso and legs.

3. Face: The amount of fat we need to transfer to a face is clearly smaller compared to lipotransfer to the body, so it can also be performed in patients with very small fat deposits. The places where we usually do liposuction on the face are the cheekbones, the lower jaw, the nasolabial fold, the chin, the nose and the lips. The procedure is simple and can be performed in an office setting with local anesthesia.

4. Scars: It is scientifically proven and with impressive results the lipotransfer to hypertrophic scars either from injury or burn. The transferred fat stem cells completely change the appearance of a misshapen scar.


Lipotransfer itself is not a particularly invasive method. Recovery is all about liposuction recovery. Small liposuctions and lipotransfers are performed in the office with local anesthesia. Larger liposuctions and lipotransfers are performed in the Hospital under sedation or general anesthesia, but without hospitalization.The patient leaves the hospital the same day. The result of a lipotransfer is immediately visible. The patient will see the final result in about 6 months, because it takes a few days for the swelling from the operation to be absorbed and a small percentage of the fat that we transfer is absorbed naturally by the body within the first 6 months after the operation. That’s why we almost always do a little overcorrection where we transfer the fat, so that the end result reaches perfection in both shape and size.

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