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Facial Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is the injection of a material into the skin’s middle layer ie. the dermis.. Depending on the material used, mesotherapy is divided into simple mesotherapy and skin booster therapy. It is widely used and is one of the most popular treatments in the field of medical aesthetics.

Simple Mesotherapy

A material based on low molecular hyaluronic acid is usually used and also includes a complex of more than 50 agents which are mainly amino acids, vitamins, antioxidants and growth factors.

This material is administered to the epithelium in the form of drops with a few millimeters of space between them. It is fully absorbed by the skin within a few hours.

Simple mesotherapy provides significant hydration to the skin due to hyaluronic acid as well as restores and stabilizes the quality of the skin after sun damage, gives a glow and smoothes the tone of the skin as well as the occurrence of fine wrinkles. It also prevents the early signs of aging and improves the skin’s elasticity.

Skin Booster

Skin boosters are the most advanced and effective form of mesotherapy. The material is pure hyaluronic acid typically with two molecular masses and a low degree of interface.

Skin boosters are definitely administered to the deep dermis, creating a mild bump that disappears after a few days.

The most technologically advanced category of skin boosters and thus mesotherapy is Hydroboosters. In addition to the other properties of skin boosters, Hydroboosters can be administered to the upper layers of the skin causing tightening and affecting dramatically subtle wrinkles. Their action is described as Hydrostretch, meaning hydration and tightening at the same time. This action, in addition to changing the appearance of the skin, is ideal for treating acne scars and classifies Hydroboosters as the treatment of choice for acne scars.

The advantages of Hydroboosters are :

1. Deep hydration

2. Safety in surface injection

3. Immediate tightening effect on thin wrinkles

4. Effectiveness on strong wrinkles

5. Longer lasting results


1. Simple mesotherapy :

4-6 treatments every 15 days
Repeat in 1 year

2. Skin Boosters :

2-3 treatments every 1 month
Repeat in 1 year

3. Hydro Boosters :

2 treatments with an 2- month interval
2nd cycle of treatment in 6 months
Repeat in 1 year

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