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Neurotoxin treatment

Neurotoxin therapy is an injectable and non-invasive treatment that targets the face and neck. Its mechanism of action is the temporary immobilization of the facial muscles responsible for facial expressions (mimic muscles) resulting in the removal or disappearance of wrinkles. The treatment is injectable and the neurotoxin is injected directly into the muscles we are targeting.


1. Frontal area

2. Glabella (middle brow)

3. External part of the eyes (goose leg)

4. Side nasal wrinkles (bunny lines)

5. Perioral lines (smoker’s wrinkles and marionette lines)

6. Oval face area (Nefertiti)

7. Neck (tightening treatment)
It can also be used as a treatment for hyperhidrosis in the following areas:

1. armpits

2. palms

3. Feet

4. Forehead


Results are evident after 3-4 days post treatment. The effect of the neurotoxin can last up to the 12th day of treatment so a second appointment is booked 15 days after the first treatment. The duration of the results is affected by many factors and is estimated to be 4-6 months.

Complications: Any complications reported in the bibliography are temporary and never permanent. Always entrust a qualified Plastic Surgeon or Dermatologist with carrying out this treatment.

Post treatment instructions:

Avoid lying in an immobile position (lying down) for 4 hours.
Avoid intense sun and heat exposure for 3 days.
Avoid leaning abruptly with your face down for 3 days.
Avoid alcohol consumption and aspirin intake for 3 days.
Avoid vigorous exercise and weight lifting for 3 days.

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