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Brachioplasty is the surgical procedure of removing excess skin and/or removal of fat in the back of your upper armarea. When there is skin laxity associated with lipodystrophy, then liposuction can be first performed in the operating room to remove the accumulated fat and then brachioplasty can be performed in the same surgical time to remove the excess skin and correct the laxity.


1. Mini -Brachioplasty

It mainly concerns women of an older age, who have a slight skin loosening on the inner part of the arm. The reconstruction with or without liposuction is performed with a double “S” incision and accessed only from the armpit. This avoids visible scarring and the operation has a rapid recovery.

2. Normal brachioplasty

It mainly concerns older women, the majority of whom also have lipodystrophy. At first, liposuction is performed and then the excess skin is removed through an incision from the armpit that extends to the inner surface of the arm and can reach up to the elbow.
Further information about the procedure

– Duration approximately 2 hours, general anesthesia, in hospital

– No hospitalization required, the patient returns from the hospital a few hours after the procedure.

– All stitches are absorbable , except for the armpit, which are removed 10 days after the operation

– Use of a special corset (bolovo) for 1 month after surgery

– Avoidance of weight lifting and any kind of exercise for one month

– Administration of prophylactic antibiotics and painkillers for 1 week.


The result is visible immediately postoperatively.

The final result is expected after the absorption of normal postoperative edema approximately 2 months after surgery.

If a strong weight fluctuation after brachioplasty is avoided, the effect is long-lasting.

Before and after



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