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Otoplasty is the surgical procedure that restores protruding ears. Patients with inferior ears (floppy ears) usually have non-existent or incomplete auricles and their ears protrude from the skull more than 30 degrees or 2cm.


The shape of the ears in humans is formed at a very young age.Therefore, the most appropriate age for a child to have their ears reshaped is at the age of 5-6, before the child goes to primary school, in order to avoid bullying. In this case the treatment is done in the hospital under general anesthesia as children at this age are not cooperative.

In adult otoplasty, the treatment is a less complicated procedure and concerns an operation in a purpose-built room of the surgery with local anaesthesia.

There are two main surgical techniques for the restoration of floppy ears. The Mustarde technique, which consists of the placement of permanent sutures to create an ear flap, and the furnas technique which involves the placement of permanent sutures and fixation of the ear flap to the mastoid appendix of the skull.
– Duration approximately 1 hour

– Postoperative course

– Normal postoperative swelling for about 10 days.

– Absence of postoperative discomfort

– Placement of elastic bandage for 1-2 days over a period of 24 hours

– Placement of a special ribbon or bandana for 7-10 days after the operation 24 hours a day.

– Use of the ribbon during sleep for 1 month after the operation

– Placement of absorbable sutures to the skin

– No need to remove sutures


The result is visible immediately after the operation and compared to the image before that it is impressive. Postoperative swelling in the ears can last 15 – 30 days after the surgery, at which point we see the final result.
The result will last for life.

Before and after



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